One-stop social networking: Skimmer, Fallon’s social web reader


With your social networking accounts growing, may we recommend an desktop application that helps to give you an organized view into all of them? Skimmer’s a social web reader by Fallon, a Minneapolis-based ad agency. 

Skimmer℠ is an Adobe AIR desktop application designed to streamline, beautify, and enhance the experience of participating in your most frequently used social networking activities. It improves upon day-to-day interaction with multiple social networks, removing distractions and providing a rich content experience from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger and YouTube. Skimmer’s spare, modern aesthetic sets it apart, creating a welcome, handsome social networking hub on your desktop that is particularly suited to multimedia content.

We wonder how it will fair against Snackr or TweetDeck. It is currently available for Mac or PC but is still in beta. We still think you should give it a shot. Download here.


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