Beach Houses by Sommarnöjen


Stockholm-based Sommarnöjen is a company with the tagline of “Small house. Great architects.” To prove their point, we’re bringing light to their beach cabins. Remodelista tells us that they “commissioned a trio of well-respected Swedish architects—Sandell Sandberg Architect, Kjellander + Sjober Architect Office, and Tham & Videgard Hansson Architects—to design 15-meter square cabins that can be used as guesthouses, saunas, offices, or studios. The houses are built by hand using local and sustainable materials and outfitted with fixtures and furniture by companies like Electrolux, Dux, and Kasthall.”

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sommarnojen-beach-houses-cabins-1 sommarnojen-beach-houses-cabins-2

sommarnojen-beach-houses-cabins-3 sommarnojen-beach-houses-cabins-4


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