FW 09: Rochambeau Look Book


Crafted in coordination with KDU (Keystone Design Union), Rochambeau’s lookbook for their FW 09 collection brings light to the collection as much as the book itself. The book and the collection work together, complementing one another, giving each other a definition, a purpose.

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rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-1 rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-2

rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-3 rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-4

rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-5 rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-6

rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-7 rochambeau-fw-09-lookbook-leather-cover-8

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