i-D Magazine’s 300th Issue


June brings i-D Magazine’s 300th issue, with Tasha Tilberg on the cover, it’s all in the wink. It’s actually a triple cover offering with Sigrid Agren and Raquel Zimmermann gracing the other two covers. Kayt Jones was behind the lens for this one and it is definitely a job well done. To celebrate the 10 years of i-D and #300 the magazine chose over 300 quotes from their archiver and complimented those with 300 ideas from current photographers, stylists, contributors.

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 i-d-magazine-june-2009-300th-issue-1 i-d-magazine-june-2009-300th-issue-2

i-d-magazine-june-2009-300th-issue-3 i-d-magazine-june-2009-300th-issue-4

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