RJ Shaughnessy’s Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon


Urban photographer RJ Shaughnessy has released a new book entitled, “Your Golden Opportunity is Comeing Very Soon”. It’s 44 pages long filled with black and white images taken at night during 2008 in Los Angeles. The great thing about this book is the sense of calmness that’s felt throughout. Impressed we most certainly are.

Each of the first edition copies (limited to 500) is signed and numbered.

More info and images after the jump.

your-golden-opportunity-comeing-very-soon-rj-shaughnessy-1 your-golden-opportunity-comeing-very-soon-rj-shaughnessy-2

your-golden-opportunity-comeing-very-soon-rj-shaughnessy-3 your-golden-opportunity-comeing-very-soon-rj-shaughnessy-4

Buy It: $50 at Dashwood


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