Navigon’s MobileNavigator [iPhone App Store]

Navigon MobileNavigator iPhone App

Navigon has released MobileNavigator, their native iPhone app, to the masses. The company becomes the first of the major players in the GPS market to drop an iPhone app. Business Wire tells us the app includes Reality View Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Speed Assistant and Day & Night Mode. However, it has no real-time traffic updates, which depresses us alittle bit. The 1.29GB MobileNavigator program contains comprehensive NAVTEQ maps of North America, with a not-too-shabby price tag of $69.99 until August 15th (price hike to $99.99). There is no monthly payment but no word yet on whether updates will cost.

Here’s the kicker, my friends. It can’t run in the background so when you get a phone call, your navi goes offline. So, is this app worth the money? Even with the ease of use and numerous bells and whistles that mirror the company’s standalone navigation systems, not being to run in the background just may be a deal breaker, amiright?


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