Dickson Hairshop Products

Dickson Hairshop Products

Not sure what you guys use to take care of your hair these days, but maybe you should give Dickson Hairshop’s line a shot (via ffffound). I think it’s time you ditch the Head&Shoulders and go for Dickson’s shampoo and conditioners. We’re not sure what we like more, the packaging or the goods on the inside. This fine products would look mighty nice in your bathroom, don’t you agree?

Dickson Hairshop, an old-school/new-style barber shop hailing from the Lower East Side of New York City, has developed an award winning male grooming product line scented with a custom fragrance of juniper and cedar with notes of white pepper. The products are crafted from all-natural plant-derived ingredients and are manufactured and bottled by hand in small quantities in upstate New York.

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