Jack Spade Waxed Cotton Slim Briefcase

Jack Spade Waxed Cotton Briefcase

Jack Spade recently released a holiday collection that consisted of more than just their iconic messenger bags, but don’t think they’ve stopped working on their travel goods. The Waxwear Slim Briefcase is a prime example, as it’s well crafted, unique and current. We personally love waxed cotton and have been waiting to see it on more products. This piece from Jack is a bit more refined than other waxed products we’ve seen in the past. When exposed to heat, the waxed surface refinishes itself, and marks of use fade. It’s detailed with chocolate bridle leather trim, custom die cast Jack Spade hardware and blue and white herringbone lining, just the finishing touches a briefcase like this deserves.

Buy It: $375 at Jack Spade


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