Moleskine x Zeropuntozerozero ‘0.00 Night’ Notebook

Moleskine x Zeropuntozerozero "0.00 Night" Notebook

Moleskine teams up with independent publishing house Zeropuntozerozero for the “0.00 Night” notebook. Definitive explains, “Zeropuntozerozero was looking for an alternative way to publish a special series of Renato D’Agostin’s color pictures, so they decided to ask as many people as they knew personally the same question: What is Night for you? Over the course of one year they received and collected responses from all over the world to create a fascinating voyage through the diverse, obscure and shining darkness of the night – and so the 0.00 Night Moleskine notebook was born.”

The “Night Diary” is available now at Zeropuntozerozero.


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