Supreme Book: A Visual Compilation [Supreme Edition]

Sixteen Years in the Making: Supreme Book

Supreme Book: A Visual Compilation [Supreme Edition]

Supreme digs through its 16-years-worth of archives and delivers the Supreme Book to the masses. Hypebeast tells us the brand and retailer’s upcoming publication is to be distributed by Rizzoli and will include contributions from some notable names including Glenn O’Brien and Aaron Bondaroff. There’s also an interview involving Kaws and James Jebbia. The 304-page Supreme edition of the book is available now online and in Supreme stores throughout the U.S. and Japan. A general release is set to drop on Amazon on April 27th.

Supreme will be releasing a Monograph of it’s sixteen year history. Published by Rizzoli, this book is a visual history of the brand that includes an introduction by Glenn O’Brien, an essay by Aaron Bondaroff and an interview between Kaws and James Jebbia. The book surveys many of the brand’s products over the years including projects with Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Public Enemy and Lou Reed, among others. The book also includes a product index from Supreme’s archive.     Hardcover with 304 pages.

*The Supreme edition of the book comes in a slip case & has alternate content.

The Supreme edition of this book will be available exclusively at Supreme stores in the U.S. and Japan, and on-line April 20th.

A general release edition will be available April 27th at and select book stores.

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Buy It: $68 at Supreme


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