Businessweek: World's Most Expensive Cities, 2010

Businessweek: World’s Most Expensive Cities 2010

Businessweek: World's Most Expensive Cities, 2010

If you’re looking to book a trip for a much-needed vacation, be sure to first browse Businessweek’s list of The World’s Most Expensive Cities of 2010. ECA International, a global human resources company, narrowed the list down to 30 by basing their ranking on a basket of 128 goods that includes food, daily goods, clothing, electronics, and entertainment, but not rent, utilities, and school fees, which are not typically included in a cost-of-living adjustment. For comparison’s sake, New York’s ranked 29th in this, while Japan’s got a few cities in the top 10 including Tokyo (No. 1) and Yokohama (No. 5).

Check out the complete 30 here.


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