In Stock | Timex XL 'Camper' Resin Watch

In Stock | Timex XL ‘Camper’ Resin Watch

In Stock | Timex XL 'Camper' Resin Watch

Remember this watch? No? Well, it got alot of coverage when it was announced back in April alongside an expected release date of July. It’s nearing October now but this slightly larger version of the Timex ‘Camper’ watch is definitely a winner. It’s easy to read and the nylon strap works well with the olive-finish resin casing. I actually picked up mine last night and love it. It also comes in a black finish but I’m hearing the scratches from regular wear are pretty obvious.

Buy It: $50 at Nordstrom


  • This watch has been out for years in the US. And it is $18 on Amazon.

  • kungfu grip

    stop calling this watch out as XL and ‘oversized…it’s NOT !!!!!!

    it’s 42mm = which is a mere 1.6″

    i saw this watch at Nordstroms hoping it lived up to the hype of being”oversized”…it’s teeny and pinner…every bit it’s cheap $50.

    the only thing XL about this watch has been all the false press…

  • Atif Kazmi

    The reason we call it XL is because it’s larger than the normal Camper which is like 35mm, this one is 42mm.

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