Red Wing Handsewn Collection by Rancourt & Co., Maine

Red Wing Handsewn Collection

Red Wing Handsewn Collection by Rancourt & Co., Maine

This season, Red Wing Shoe Co. has teamed up with Maine-based shoemaker Rancourt & Co. for a new Genuine Handsewn collection. All the pieces are made right in Rancourt’s hometown of Lewiston, which happens to be very well-known for being a hub for well-known, locally-made footwear companies. Rancourt & Co. has influenced many shoe brands that have come after it though very few are able to win the test of time like they have. This collaboration with Red Wing delivers a line of hand sewn shoes made from top-notch materials and crafted using classic, very manual and intimate methods.

Red Wing created a short film to explain their Made in Maine Handsewn Collection further (see below). Head over to Red Wing to get more details on the offerings as well.


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