Luxe Valet looks to shift the way we think about parking. It’s a struggle, especially in major metros like San Francisco. Luxe makes it easy to find parking by dispatching a personal valet to wherever you’re doing to be. Just give a 15-minute heads up via the Luxe Valet and you’ll never have to worry about finding a parking spot again. A valet takes your car to one of the company’s many insured and secure parking lots until you’re done at which point the car will be brought back within 10 minutes. Parking’s set at $5 per hour and maxes out at $15 per day. That’s unbelievable and think about all the Giants fans that can take advantage of this during the World Series that’s taking place right now. And there’s a pretty high level of reassurance here as the company has a $1M insurance protection plan and leverages a sophisticated technology platform that monitors every step of the process from drop-off to pick-up so you’re never left waiting around. Being backed by Google Ventures and a few other key. Luxe Valet is only available in San Francisco right now but is planning to expand to other metros. Download the Luxe Valet app through the App Store now.



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