Oak Street Bootmakers Color 8 Trench Boot

Oak Street Bootmakers’ iconic Trench Boots hits two years old this holiday season and with that the Chicago-based brand is leveraging Horween Leather to create the Color #8 Dainite Sole Trench Boot. Let’s just take a step back for a second and look at the Trench Boot. It’s been introduced in a few different finishes, each that have sold tremendously and with good reason. The silhouette’s timeless and arguably one of the finest on the market. The Color #8 Horween is just as remarkable and when you pair this all with a Dainite sole, this Trench Boot is the perfect all-weather companion. Featuring calfskin vamp lining and built on Oak Street’s Elston last, the Trench Boot delivers comfort and a classic design. The Color #8 Trench Boot is available now through Oak Street Bootmakers’ online store.



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