Dingbel Delivers Simplified Messaging for Apple Watch


Dingbel is giving new meaning to the sound of the ‘ding’. You can just tap or double-tap your Apple Watch to send a message. That’s it! No typing! Dingbel works on positive and negative responses. What that means is that tapping once or twice will tell the app whether to respond positively or negatively. One tap (ding) is a positive response. Two taps (dingding) is a negative response. In what context will this work? For example, if someone sends you a greeting in the morning (ding), your response may be positive, so your ‘ding’ reply will be to return the greeting. If someone asks you a question, it’s easy, ding for yes, dingding for no.

Communication is now faster than ever before. The app is not limited to the Apple Watch and can also be used on an iPhone or an iPad. Download Dingbel at the App Store to get started.

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