Lardini for Club Monaco Spring 2015 Collection

Renowned Italian tailor Lardini has joined Club Monaco’s Marker & Muse series. Makers & Muse was founded in 2012 with the aim of placing the creators’ favorite things from around the globe into Club Monaco stores. The design team searches for the most unique and inspiring products to feature in the stores so as to provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience. Lardini is one of the top tailoring brands in the world and thus very eligible to be featured. Lardini was founded in 1978 and continues to be run as a family-owned business. The production process of designs is a postmodern mix involving the long tradition of hand-tailoring and the use of high-tech modern machinery. Lardini’s focus is on tailored distinction founded on the brand’s core values of workmanship, innovation and a careful attention to detail. Alireza Niroomand of Sant Amvoeus, Club Monaco’s long-time partner in fashion designs, will create an editorial campaign for the latest Lardini designs. The collection will launch in April and is exclusive to Club Monaco retail stores and their online shop.


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