Snapseed 2.0 Brings New Editing Tools and Filters


Snapseed 2.0 has arrived. The new and enhanced app allows you to seed the photos you’ve snapped on your phone, DSLR, compact camera or other device to the program and edit them according to your preference. It can easily be downloaded on smartphones or tablets and instantly gives you the power of professional editing software. The upgraded Snapseed app includes new tools such as Lens Blur, Spot Healing, Intelligent Perspective Transform and Tonal Contrast. You can also apply the effects and filters to parts of an image using the Brush tool; and the app enables you to copy edits from other images, and re-edit or undo any modification.

The editing process which used to be limited to photographers with desktop computers and took hours only a few years ago can now be performed quickly in a couple of minutes on your mobile device. More and more images are shared daily, increasing the demand for good mobile editing software. Snapseed 2.0 successfully caters to that demand. Try out the app which can be downloaded from the Play Store and iTunes.


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