Crest and Co. Highlights the Importance of the Ashtray


Some of us may not be regular smokers, but can appreciate a good cigar. Unlike cigarettes, a good cigar can take up to an hour to smoke so you need a place to hold it and place ashes so that the smoking remains comfortable and enjoyable.

According to Crest and Co., in addition to comfort, the cigar itself needs to be considered. Slow smoking keeps the cigar cool and placing it somewhere removes the urge to keep on puffing it. It also ensures that the taste does not become bitter. This is why you need an ashtray and not just any ashtray; you need one that is suitable. An ashtray designed for cigarettes can harm a good cigar. Quality cigar ashtrays are designed to hold cigars in a no longer than 2-inch trough above the ash receptacle. Shorter troughs are also designed to keep the cigar from falling during the last stages of smoking and keeping the butt aerated so that it stays dry.

Like selecting fine glassware for wines and whiskeys, picking the right ashtray is also important. Visit Crest and Co. to learn more.


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