ELP Laser Turntable


If you’re serious about music, then you’ve probably got some vinyl sitting around. Maybe more than some. Once thought to be on the verge of extinction, vinyl albums have made a comeback in a big way as more music connoisseurs crave their retro sound. The only problem? Old-school record players haven’t made as big of a return. Even if you’ve got one, you might be a bit leery about subjecting your beloved vinyl to the wear and tear of repeated play.

Japanese electronics company ELP has a remedy for that — the Laser Turntable, which plays your vinyl records without touching them. According to ELP, there are advantages to the Laser Turntable beyond reducing stylus scratches and other wear and tear. It also produces a sound similar to a recording’s master tapes. The LT Master comes in three varieties, with the priciest — the LT Master #3 — able to play black vinyl ranging from 7 to 12 inches.

Because each Laser Turntable is made to order, ELP makes a point of avoiding outside dealers. The only way to get one if through their website.


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