Smartflower Solar System


Smartflower is the world’s first all-in-one solar system. Instead of installing solar panels, batteries and other equipment, you can be up and running using Smartflower within an hour. The plug-and-play system can be firmly bolted into the ground at a location of your choice. It is ideal if you cannot install on your roof, it can be setup almost anywhere and can also be taken with you when you move. Smartflower is also designed in such a way that it looks good and will compliment any environment you place it in.

The flower-shaped unit operates at its optimum at all times, with integrated smart tracking, smart cleaning and smart cooling. The modular fan moves vertically and horizontally along with the sun’s position to ensure a 90 degree alignment with the sun. As a result, users will get 40% more output compared to conventional rooftop solar systems. Common losses in output in conventional systems are also due to heat and contamination, which is why the Smartflower smart cleaning and cooling systems work to keep the unit clean and cool, preventing up to 15% of output losses.  Due to its smart and innovative design, the system can provide electricity throughout the day.


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