A Look Inside Elon Musk’s Hyperloop High-Speed Rail by Argodesign


Elon Musk first introduced the idea of the Hyperloop two years ago. Musk’s vision is for it to become a space-age rail system with trains traveling at 760 mph in air-tight vacuum tubes. Interested parties were invited to contribute their ideas on turning Musk’s idea into a reality. Argodesign came forward and pitched designs for the system, making its interior look similar to modern day commercial airplanes.

Argodesign’s ‘jukebox’ configuration allows for five types of cars on the 80-foot train: a vehicle car, a cargo car, and three passenger cars (coach, business and executive class). To enhance the passenger experience, massive screens will show tranquil landscapes to make up for the absence of windows and seats will have TV screens on them. Executive seats would also let passengers have meetings on the train. This would make the passenger experience more comfortable considering the transport system involves placing passengers in a potentially claustrophobic vacuumed environment.

Take a look at Argodesign’s concept in the gallery below.


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