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Anonymous Launches Encrypted Social Media Platform

Anonymous Social Media lead

Hacktivist group Anonymous has been anything BUT anonymous lately, with very publicized attacks on the other side of the digital war on information privacy. But in a recent surprising move, the group has launched Minds.com, an open-source social media platform that promises users of encryption protection for everything they do.

On the surface, Minds.com is a social media platform that lets users do the usual social-media fare: Chat between friends, post status updates, commenting within posts, and so on. The only difference is that while other social media platforms monetize data by allowing companies to advertise to their target audiences, Minds.com ensures all your online activity is encrypted.

This is obviously a unique challenge for Anonymous, as the success of Minds.com will depend on the users’ involvement. To support the cause, check it out at Minds.com, now available online and on mobile.