Customize Your Air with Awair


Nothing is more important to your health than the air you breathe. But, how do we know the quality of and regulate our indoor air? Awair is more than just a humidifier; it provides the solution by learning your routines so it can communicate with home devices to help you achieve optimal air quality in your home or working environment.

You can input details like allergies and the device will monitor your behavior to capture your sleep, productivity and wellness patterns. Awair consolidates its readings into a score which includes temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, VOCs, and dust. All these things have a direct impact on our comfort levels and the way we feel. After monitoring and analyzing the situation, it will make recommendations by sending notifications to your phone.

The Awair device is crafted from a high quality wood, and it is designed to blend in perfectly into your home or office. It also helps maintain good air quality by providing humidity and heat.

Check out the Awair website for more details.


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