Introducing | ‘The Turntable’ by Fern & Roby


If you are nostalgic about LPs and record players, you will love this new product from Fern & Roby. Dubbed ‘The Turntable’, this new gramophone takes the look and feel of a classic turntable and adds the advantage of modern technology to it.  The Turntable combines a traditional synchronous AC motor with modern digital speed control techniques. It has a cast and turned 35-pound bronze platter balanced to 1000 rpm. The record player has the two standard options for platter speed, namely 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. It is stylish and beautiful, looking like it could have come out of an era long before CDs, MP3s and iPods.

To find out more and get your hands on one, head over to the Fern & Roby website.


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