Lexus Teases A Real Hoverboard


Ever since the classic Back to the Future movies took the world by storm, kids (and kids-at-heart) have always dreamed of owning their own hoverboard, and prototypes have been popping up left and right as the technology evolved. Now, in 2015, the year when Marty McFly rode his hoverboard for the first time, luxury car manufacturer Lexus is teasing its own REAL hoverboard prototype. Of course, emphasis on the word “tease” – if an actual hoverboard had already been created, it would be all over the news. Lexus’s design, however, may be well in the running to spread the good news first once this prototype sees daylight.

The prototype Lexus Hoverboard will utilize magnetic levitation, using liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors to create a “frictionless” experience. Aesthetically, the hoverboard looks pretty smooth, using natural bamboo and other fine materials used on Lexus cars. Even its shape pays homage to unmistakeable Lexus design. Naturally, it may be quite a while before we really see hoverboards flying out of Lexus showrooms. But with the progress we’re seeing, it’s safe to say hoverboarding is pretty inevitable in our future. See Lexus’s teaser video below and judge for yourself.

[embedvideo id=”7zTCgMPZRuo” website=”youtube”]


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