Tempus Machina REF. 216A: Back to the Vintage Rolex Designs

Tempus Machina REF. 216A 1

Tempus Machina has just released a tweaked Submariner (model 114060) that harkens back to the vintage Rolex designs of the past. Called the Tempus Machina REF. 216A, it’s a loving answer to collectors’ clamors for another classic Rolex. Legions of Rolex enthusiasts have long been wanting a return to the good times. The Tempus Machina REF. 216A features the classic Rolex gilt dials, a nostalgic porcelain red triangle at the 12 o’clock position, and a polished coin-edge bezel.

Not surprisingly, only 50 pieces will be released. The Tempus Machina REF. 216A costs $25,000, and is available at the tempus-machina.com website. Enjoy the gallery below:


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