XCAR Test Drives the Porsche 911 GT3


Alex Goy, who as cars editor of XCAR gets paid to drive around in dreamy sports cars and tell us what he thinks of them, recently slipped behind the wheel of the new Porsche 911 GT3. His biggest concern mirrored the concerns of Porsche fans everywhere — would the removal of the manual gearbox lessen the driving experience? His answer: Yes and no.

But first, to other matters at hand, such as the suspension, which comes in two modes: normal or sport. “Normal is geared more to sport, and sport is geared to people who really, really like sport,” Goy says.

He’s also very impressed with the rear-wheel steering, which allows to rear wheels to turn at a slightly different angle during low speeds, which aids in maneuvering in tight spaces. At high speeds, the wheels align, giving a tighter line.

As for that lack of an automatic gearbox, Goy concludes that the Porsche 911 GT3 runs perfectly without it. “It still feels tricked out,” he says. “It still feels hardcore.” Yet he misses the manual control, more as a personal preference than anything else.

“There sometimes when I really want a manual gearbox,” he says.

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