Son of a Tailor Lets You Design and Order the Perfect T-Shirt


Danish brand Son of a Tailor allows you to tailor your own T-shirt by entering your measurements in their website; then selecting a style, color, neckline, and sleeve design. After selecting your individual specifications, you simply order the tee, which will be delivered to you in three weeks.

‘Our aspiration is to make the best T-shirts in the world – with this we mean that both quality should be top notch and the T-shirt should fit perfectly to the individual. At the same time we want to fundamentally change the way we produce T-shirts; today, virtually all T-shirts are mass produced. We believe that mass production is part of an antiquated world view, with quantity as its main goal. We believe the T-Shirt deserves better.’ says CEO Jess Fleischer.

The concept is one that makes us rethink the fashion industry. For those who have trouble finding the right fit (I’m talking to all you tall and skinny guys), Son of a Tailor may be your solution. Head over to the Son of a Tailor website to get started on creating your very own custom-designed tee.


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