Native Union x British Millerain Drop-Proof ‘CLIC 360°’ iPhone Case


With the advent of touchscreens came a new danger that few of us are unfamiliar with – dropping your phone. You’ve undoubtedly felt your heart sink when the phone slips and you’re awaiting to see the appearance of a new painful gash in the form of a cracked screen or cover. Native Union and British Millerain have come together to present a phone case that claims to be drop-proof, putting your fears to rest. The case is made from waxed canvas comprised from a 100% lightweight Millerain cotton fabric, which makes it water and stain resistant, and able to cushion any fall. The inside of the case is has a shock absorbant 3D mesh and a screen bumper. The CLIC 360° case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is available on Native Union.


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