The MB&F Arachnophobia, a Clock Designed to Look Like a Giant Spider


Our friends at HODINKEE tell us that about 3.1 to 6.5 percent of the population suffers from arachnophobia, but if you don’t fall into that statistic, perhaps this clock will entice you. The MB&F Arachnophobia is shaped like a giant spider with long, spiky legs. The clock was created in partnership with L’Epée 1839 and was inspired by a sculpture named Maman by Louise Bourgeois. The sculpture is 30 feet high and 33 feet wide, but the Arachnophobia clock is 16 inches in diameter, which is still big enough to trigger a fearful response to any unsuspecting visitors.

The clock is beautifully made. Its movement resembles that of the Starfleet Machine, but has a single barrel and eight day reserve. The motion works carry the hours and minutes hands. It can be wound and set on its underside, and comes in black, gold, or yellow finishes. Find out more on HODINKEE.


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