Textcast is a Blend of Texting and Blogging and It’s Brilliant


Textcast is a new app that lets you create channels called “casts” and share them with a relevant audience, eventually getting invite requests for you to approve. You can then broadcast your messages to your casts just like sending a text message. As opposed to mass texting, where you’re never sure whether or not your recipients will be interested in your message, the Textcast app assures you of interested, engaged audiences for your various casts.

Textcast also isn’t group chat, where your cast followers can see and contact each other. Instead, your cast followers can only contact you via 1:1 personal message. Try the Textcast app out today: I just created a cast for those who want to stay up to date on men’s fashion – we’re talking about new products and great fashion advice. Join my cast here. Talk to you soon!


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