mophie Drops Thinnest Powerstation Lineup Ever

mophie’s Powerstation line of universal battery chargers has always been a solid solution for getting extra juice on the go for varied mobile devices. Now, they’ve kicked things up a notch by not only delivering a slimmer profile but by introducing a mobile app to manage the battery’s power. The Powerstation now comes in a sleek aluminum shell and is available in a bunch of different sizes, depending on how much charge you want (1x all the way up to 8x). Do the math and you can get up to 54 additional hours of talk time, 59 added hours of web browsing, and 272 more hours of audio time, all from one device.

The mophie Power app is a great companion also as it lets folks manage both the battery life of their smartphone as well as the bluetooth-enabled powerstation batteries. Notifications come up when batteries are low or when they get fully charged. You can also track how much time remains until your devices are powered back to 100% and even get tips on how to improve your smartphone’s battery life.

The new mophie powerstation line is currently available at and select retailers nationwide.


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