Buying Vintage | Outerwear Isn’t What It Used To Be

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Not everything that’s available vintage / second-hand should be bought. To me, there has to be a real, tangible benefit for buying vintage apparel. Cost is a main one for many as vintage pieces tend to be more affordable than a comparable item that’s bought brand new. But honestly, this always surprises me considering chances are that you’re getting a better all-around piece vintage than you would if it’s brand new. This is especially true for men’s outerwear, a realm that’s been guarded by some of the world’s most notable brands, i.e., Eddie Bauer, Barbour, and several others. But even they’ve had to shift their businesses, even if slightly, to survive varying shifts in the market. So what are some of the biggest advantages to buying vintage men’s outerwear? Head on over to our Guide on eBay to check it out.


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