JUUL’s ‘Save Room’ Campaign Gets Chefs to Create Vape-Inspired Dishes

JUUL's 'Save Room' Campaign Yields 3 Special JUUL Recipes-00

E-cigarette company JUUL has realized that its collection of flavors go quite well with various types of food, making for a satisfying experience. To build on this, the company has asked three chefs to try the e-cig out, and then create special JUUL recipes that they believe will complement their favorite pod flavor perfectly. Thus JUUL’s ‘Save Room’ campaign was born, and the new recipes are very, very interesting.

The three chefs were Bobby Hellen, executive chef of GG’s NYC; IIan Hall, owner of ESH Brooklyn (formerlly Gorbals) and winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 2; and Sean Froedtert of Buvette, one of New York City’s finest French Bistros. Chef Bobby paired the sweet, milky ‘bruulé’ pod flavor with his Sweet Potato Gnocci. Chef Ilan liked the ‘coco miint’ pod flavor best, and paired it with his Fresh Persian Cucumber Winter Salad. Lastly, Chef Sean paired his preferred ‘fruut’ pod flavor with his special take on Baked Camembert.

Learn more about the “Save Room” chefs and special JUUL recipes at the JUUL website, and check out some “the-making-of” shots behind their culinary creations in the gallery below.


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