Tenue de Nimes x Hancock VA Handsome Collaborative Raincoats

Tenue de Nimes x Hancock VA Raincoats-01

Dutch label Tenue de Nîmes has recently teamed up with British luxury outerwear makers Hancock VA to produce two of the handsomest raincoats we’ve ever seen. The first one, Article 41, features a black-taupe vulcanized cotton outer. (For the uninitiated, vulcanization is a rubberizing process that makes surfaces waterproof – something Hancock VA has perfected.) Article 41 also has a detachable, khaki quilted liner inside. Get yours here for US$870.

The second raincoat, Article 49, is a modern rethought of the trench coat, featuring a concealed placket and leather buckle tension belt that gives it a cleaner, more refined look. It’s available for US$1,060 here. Both raincoats are handmade straight out of Scotland. Check out the Tenue de Nimes x Hancock VA collaborative raincoats in the gallery below.


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