Matiere SS17

Matiere SS17 Pays Homage to its Roots

Matiere SS17

Matiere has created a Spring/Summer 2017 collection that pays homage to its roots. More specifically, it reflects the founder Scot Shandalove’s voyage along the California coast as a fan of The Grateful Dead during the late 80s, a pursuit that took him to different cities and to over 200 concerts. This is where the venture into fashion started – through selling graphic shirts out of his car as a way of earning money. The Spring/Summer 2017 collection aims to capture these humble, creative beginnings by incorporating “pigment sprays and overdyes to enzyme washes and dip dyes,” which, along with the varied fabric treatments, serve to “fuse tactility and functionality into a collection that combines the past and the future.”

San Francisco is a particularly significant location for the brand and this Matiere line is no exception. Garments were inspired by the Port of San Francisco and the classic mariner, which is reflected in the cargo pockets and drawstring hems that detail the brand’s linen pants and button-up shorts. Even the fabrics used in the collection have travelled the seas, including Japanese raw silk terry, waterproof nylon, cotton crepe and a sea-washed viscose-cotton blend. The subdued color palate is an ode to the bay area with “sun-faded hues, seafarer blues, and soft neutrals working together to reflect the unique color combinations seen on the city’s row of iconic Painted Ladies houses.” What Matiere has produced is a SS17 collection that truly celebrates its West Coast roots and the underlying stories that have made the brand what it is today. Check it out in the gallery above.


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