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Tumi’s V3 Collection is the Perfect Lightweight Luggage

Tumi V3 Collection

The popular suitcase brand Tumi has just unveiled its V3 Collection and it is the perfect luggage for any on-the-go traveler. Expertly crafted from multi-layer polycarbonate that is impact and fracture-resistant, the bag is extremely lightweight and easy to handle. The carry on size is a mere 6 pounds while the largest size weighs in at just 10 pounds. In addition to a wide range of sizes and colors, the V3 Collection also includes some of Tumi’s signature features like tie-down compression straps, the Tumi Tracer tracking program and the X-Brace telescoping handles. This luggage is perfect for any traveler that worries about exceeding the weight limit at the airport or who simply wants a sleek, easy to carry suitcase to make their travels a little less hectic. Check the new V3 Collection on Tumi’s website.