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Weiss Celebrating the Fourth with Truly American Watch

Weiss American Watch

Appropriately released for pre-order on the 4th of July, the Weiss American Issue Field Watch is the quintessential timepiece born entirely out of the USA. While Cameron Weiss started with watches that, like those of most other US brands, are assembled in the country but receive parts from other locations in the world like Switzerland, he’s now paving the way for a wholly America-originated product. The new model will feature a gold-plated CAL 1003 movement manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles, a change that Weiss hopes to spearhead in the industry. On top of being physically made in the USA, the watch itself has a color scheme reminiscent of the country’s patriotic red, white and blue; the piece features a blue dial, silver detailing on the indices and hands and a 20mm Burgundy Horween Shell Cordovan strap. It also sits in a sapphire crystal case that provides a full view of the movement. Weiss is releasing only 50 of these limited edition, investment-level watches with each one setting you back $2500 though the unique timepiece may be worth it.