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WEND Studio Crafts Modern Rattan Chairs

WEND Studio Rattan

WEND Studio prides itself on producing designs that are “carefully hand-crafted, made with intelligent materials, and acknowledge the people who create them,” and its new seating collection lives up to that core ethos. The women behind the brand, Genevieve Bandrowski and Michelle Plant, have drawn their influences from traditional Indonesian hand weaving craft and the distinct modern California aesthetic to form contemporary silhouettes. The brand commits itself to social and environmental responsibility, living up to that dedication through utilizing hand-foraged, sustainable rattan, a material that actually serves the preservation of Indonesian rainforests. Beyond this, WEND Studio donates 10% of its proceeds to “changemakers whose contribution to our global community creates change that touches us all.” This year, the company is supporting The Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project, which works to protect the Kalimantan rainforests, a tropical location home to the largest orangutan population in the world. Check out the unique chair collection on the WEND Studio website or in the gallery above.