Bang & Olufsen Fuse Oak and Metal To Create The Stunning “BeoVision 14” 4k TV


Bang & Olufsen recently unveiled its new 4k television named the BeoVision 14. One of its most immediately noticeable features is the oak wood lannellas that can be seen in front of its powerful two channel, three-way speakers. The anti-reflective screen and sleek aluminum frame juxtapose its wooden details beautifully, and make for an elegantly designed and functional piece of technology. It also includes multiple colored panels that can be placed in front of the speakers to fit any style you prefer. With built-in sensors that adjust the screen’s brightness based on ambient light in the surrounding area, in addition to its impressive Android TV compatibility, the BeoVision 14 does a lot more than just look good. The 40-inch model retails for $6,700, while the 55-inch model comes in at $9,300. Both models can be found online here.


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