BlackBerry Unveils “World’s Most Secure” Smartphone


BlackBerry is attempting to challenge Apple’s stronghold on the smartphone industry with the new DTEK50. Marketed as the most secure smartphone ever made, this new device is powered by Android, expertly fusing BlackBerry’s unparalleled security system with the productive Android software. Blackberry believes that with safety becoming more important as technology continues to advance, a smartphone such as the DTEK50 is a necessity. Alex Thurber, BlackBerry’s Head of Global Sales, says “we feel that customers today, certainly businesses and consumers, are beginning to understand just how important security is when it comes to their smartphone.” Beyond the security, the new BlackBerry is sleek, featuring a BlackBerry Intelligent Keyboard, a customizable BlackBerry Convenience Key, a 5.2-inch full HD display, an 8MP front facing camera and a 13MP auto-focus rear camera. You can preorder the DTEK50 now here for $299 USD.


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