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Completely Waterproof iPhone 7 Could Be On The Horizon

Iphone 7 waterproof

With the iPhone 7’s release just on the horizon, rumors regarding some of its new features have continued to take shape. These rumours do not confirm anything about the next phone specifically, but we may see these new features on a future model. One of the upcoming additions that has been talked about most is its waterproof capability. Apple was recently awarded a patent that suggests the smartphones will have the ability to shoot color-balancing photos underwater. With a patent like this, it makes sense for the tech giant to completely remove the audio jack and home button to make room for a Lightning charging jack, making it much more difficult for water to enter the phone’s inner parts. iPhone competitor Samsung has already implemented full waterproof capability into its Galaxy S7 and Note 7 phones, so it was only a matter of time before Apple followed suit.