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òL’s Underdog Collection Draws Inspiration From Youth Culture Movements

òL Underdog Collection

òL New York, a brand that prides itself on redefining progressive style with its ability to adapt in any wardrobe, has just unveiled its new conceptual collection that reflects this central ethos. The Underdog collection “holds a strong silver lining of the rise of the underdog,” which goes hand in hand with the heavy inspiration from the 70s punk movement in the UK and the 90s New York downtown scene. There is a pervasive edge to the fashion, coming from the influence of different social groups and niche cultures that have uniquely paved their way through society. The collection utilizes a subdued color palette that features shades of brown, gold, rose and gray on luxury shearling, cashmere, wool and terry cloth materials. Check out the Underdog line in the gallery above and head to the òL website to learn more.