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Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio To Discuss Climate Change At SXSL 2016


Barack Obama is exiting his 8-year stint as leader of the Free World in true presidential fashion by discussing global climate change with Leonardo DiCaprio at the inaugural SXSL 2016, further cementing his legacy as the coolest President ever. South By South Lawn is D.C.’s take on Austin’s South By Southwest festival. Announced early in September, SXSL is described as a “White House festival of ideas, art, and action.” DiCaprio’s discussion with the President should not come as a surprise, since the actor used his first ever Oscar acceptance speech as a platform to discuss climate change and the impact it will have for generations to come. Following the conversation will be the premiere of DiCaprio’s documentary Before The Flood. To accompany this conversation, SXSL 2016 features performances by The Lumineers and appearances from the Stranger Things cast. The event is scheduled to take place on Monday, October 3rd. Find out more information about SXSL here

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