RED Digital Reveals 8K ‘Helium’ Modular Camera

red-epicw-8kRed Digital has made their latest 8k-capable cameras, Weapon 8k and Epic-W 8k, available for purchase. The cameras both tout the HELIUM 35.4 Megapixel CMOS, which enables up the resolution to be up to 4 times greater than that of 4K. The Weapon and Epic-W 8K both use advanced color science to create an extremely detailed image. They are perfect for low-light filming and work great as still-cameras as well. Sporting the DSMC2 form-factor allows for a wide range of modularity and customization, allowing you to take full control of these powerful devices. Starting at $30,000 USD, these cameras are for professionals wanting to take their work to the next level. You can purchase them from RED’s website.


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