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Ai Weiwei’s ‘Laundromat’ Exhibit Shines Light On Global Refugee Crisis


Ai Weiwei, the Chinese contemporary artist and activist, opens new “Laundromat” installation at Deitch Projects art gallery in New York City. Seeking to shine a brighter light on the global refugee crisis, the exhibit boasts over 2,000 items that the artist collected while on a trip to an abandoned refugee camp in the village of Idonemi, on the Greek-Macedonian border. When the refugee camp was shut down in 2016, the refugees were forced to gather all their belongings in a rush and travel a voyage of uncertain fate. As a result, thousands of shoes, pants, boots, sweaters, and other clothing items were left behind. Ai Weiwei collected select pieces, washed them, and implemented them into his visual arts project, aptly-named “Laundromat.” The exhibit will be open to the public through December 23rd. If you will be in the Tri-State region soon, make sure to check out the humanitarian project.
Deitch Projects
76 Grand St.
New York, NY 10012

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