Maserati Announces All-Electric Version Of Its Alfieri Concept Car For 2020


With a lot of the automobile powerhouses introducing all-electric vehicles, it should come as no surprise that Maserati will follow suit. The Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer has just announced that it seeks to produce an all-electric version of its Alfieri concept car by the year 2020. The conventional Alfieri, originally introduced back in 2014, has yet to see a release date, but many speculate a consumer version will be ready for purchase in 2019. “Alfieri will be bigger than a Boxster and Cayman. It is being designed as a competitor to the 911 but it will be a larger car. More the size of a Jaguar F-Type,” said Peter Denton, the Maserati manager of North Europe. The all-electric Alfieri is sure to end up rivaling Tesla’s offerings as well. The competition growing within the field of electric vehicles can only lead to greater innovation, so it’s exciting to see where the industry is going. Check out the gallery above for a better look at the concept vehicle.


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