Rove Gives Conventional Foam Rollers an Upgrade with Their Rove Roller


Anyone who has used a foam roller will be quick to tell you the benefits of using the simple but effective self-massage tool. Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, has been known to alleviate pain by applying pressure to a muscle group. However, even though most foam rollers are affordable and effective, they lack portability. Rove Goods aims to change that with their patent-pending Rove Roller. Rove is described as “the first fully functional, truly portable foam roller.” The panel frame is made of high-strength nylon and weighs less than 3 pounds. Regular use of the Rove Roller can improve flexibility and circulation. Rove is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter for the Rove Roller in order to produce in bulk and let the benefits of a portable foam roller be widely accessible to all people, regardless of fitness level and background. Check out the brand’s inspiring story in the video below and head to Kickstarter to support now.


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