Obama Sits Down With Trevor Noah on ‘The Daily Show’ For One Last Time


In continuation of his farewell tour, Obama visits The Daily Show to join Trevor Noah in a conversation surrounding the climate of his waning days as President of the United States, as well as Russia’s impact on the election, and thoughts of his successor President-elect Donald Trump. Unlike previous appearances on The Daily Show, however, this conversation was much more solemn and serious. In the 22-minute interview, which can be watched in its entirety here, Obama addresses topics such as racism, mass incarceration, Obamacare, and Trump’s now-infamous statements on intelligence briefings, stating “I think the President-elect may say one thing and do another once he’s here. Its a big complicated world. You have to have the best information possible to make the best decisions possible.” As for his post-presidency plans? “It is important for me to recharge, reflect, get back in my wife’s good graces, and take a decent vacation,” says the POTUS. “I’ll do some writing and speaking… I’ll be a citizen of this country I love deeply. I don’t anticipate that I’ll just vanish.” Your charisma will be missed, Barry.


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